Relating Homelessness to Microsoft ‘s Principles From an Employee’s Perspective

Jeff Raikes who worked for 27 years in Microsoft had this idea from the business world that could provide solutions in addressing the homelessness issue nowadays which is very common. In all those years working in the company, he’s had a lot of insights on how secure housing could be provided to every family out there.

you-work-for-me-signMost of these advices are for real estate agents or whoever sells houses to families for a living. Just like how Microsoft does it, they should make it a point to know their customers well in order to determine what their needs are. Eventually, as a seller, you would know how you could provide what’s best for them in the best way you can as well. This way, priorities are being set at an early stage and better planning allows the breadwinners of the families to identify ways on how they could budget their money to eventually own a house. This advice also goes to social workers out there who aid homeless families.

After all, they are still customers who need not only good advice on how they could access a secure and sustainable housing, but also other services such as counseling, education, and even job training. Remember, each family is different.

The second advice is to use data and vision to solve a problem. Let us focus on data first. By having ample data, progress is being easily measured. Successes are easier to see as well. Problems are immediately spotted which in turn, improve performance. In the long run, goals are achieved. Raikes said that when they were developing Microsoft Office, they gathered all the data they can to keep them noted of where they are going. They studied other software, asked for feedback, and surveyed probable customers. Ultimately, the data was focused on how they could win the hearts of their customers.

When vision enters and this principle is applied in helping the homeless achieve a better life, smarter decisions are being made especially by the social workers, for example. If they have the necessary details about the homeless families they are about to help and they have the desire to help, better strategies could be made to end homelessness and maximize the available resources for them.

Lastly, remember that you should learn from your mistakes. This quote is applicable not only in selling software but also to those who work to end homelessness. There is not only one solution to homelessness. The government and volunteers should keep an open eye to all possible measures in battling homelessness. In the changing times, sticking to the status quo and risking unknown and never-been-tried methods could be a good shot. Mistakes may occur along the way but in the long run, it’s the learning that’s important.
Scenarios in the business world, like in Microsoft for example, are no different from what is experienced in the harsh real world. Together, let us battle homelessness and give other people the help they deserve.

Understanding Homelessness: Top Reasons Why People Lose Their Homes

Reasons for Homelessness

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There are many people who do not have roofs on their heads; or simply put, they are homeless. Homelessness seems to be an abstract concept to some. But why should it be when a person can see a homeless person daily?

Homelessness is a pervasive condition as there are homeless people all over the world, even in developed countries.

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The Big & Small Ways to Help the Homeless

Ways to Help the Homeless

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Not all of us were born privileged. While some may be born with silver spoons in their mouth, there are some who live paycheck-per-paycheck or worse, who barely have enough resources in order to survive. Resources are things such as money, food, water, and electricity to name a few. Lack or non-existence of such resources lead to unpleasant things such as hunger, famine, homelessness, and the worst case is death.

Situations like these are harsh but yes, they exist. While they may totally be controllable, some people may be unfortunate to slip into the abyss of darkness and may have a hard time getting back up. But humans are known to be passionate creatures and we can do a lot of things to help. Let us focus on helping the homeless people as an example. Continue reading