5 ways to optimize your base on Mobile Strike

Have you ever wondered how people get to those high and seemingly unattainable ranks on the leaderboards? Are you always running short on resources that hinder the development of your Headquarters? Well worry no more! Here’s a guide that will help you optimize your base in the highly downloaded game Moblie Strike from Epic War.

  1. Missions, Missions, Missions

If you’ve just started playing Mobile Strike, you may have viewed the tutorial missions that most games have nowadays. A simple yet very effective way to have a stable increase in Power is to keep doing your missions. The missions tab is always there for you to complete with simple missions like upgrading your farms, training units, and many other things that will yield good rewards.

Another field of interest is the Daily and Alliance Missions. All you need to do is click start, wait a couple of minutes, then *poof* INCOME.

  1. Collect Resources, a lot

You may have noticed that your buildings are producing resources but you do not get any notifications to go pick them up. Well don’t be lazy and get your fingers moving. These resources like gold might seem small at first but always remember that you can’t have a million coins if you don’t get at least one.

Creating resource generating buildings is also key here, as there are also some missions that will give huge Power boosts by building specific resource generators like Mobile Strike free gold generator.

  1. Join an Alliance

If you haven’t joined an alliance, we strongly suggest that you do so. I repeat, JOIN AN ALLIANCE. Not only does it give you free 500 gold, it’s also a key factor to enabling Alliance Missions which give highly beneficial rewards with a tap of a finger.

An alliance will also help you with speeding up your build timers since your team mates can shave a few seconds of by “aiding” you in your construction. The best part of this is they can help you with ANY construction you have. That means faster construction for everything on your HQ just by joining an Alliance.

  1. Shooting range and Supply Crates

These are some elements of the game that you should always be on the lookout for. The Shooting Range resupplies you with free ammo depending on your VIP level. This ammo can be used to shoot “targets” for prizes on a first-person-shooter minigame.

Supply Crates are basic rewards for simply playing the game. Be on the lookout near the lower left portion of your screen to check if you have any pending crates to collect. After some time, you will be required to create an Epic War account to continue receiving crates, but have no fear, the game gives you another free 500 gold for signing up.

  1. Keep up the good work

Everything in the world needs time and patience, nobody gets strong overnight. Make sure to always keep checking on your base daily to ensure that you always get missions, dailies, ammo, crates, and everything else that will surely enable you to power up and get stronger. Remember that you only reap what you sow, so better start reaping to sow better rewards.

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