Blossom Blast Saga The Secret Behind Unlimited Lives?


Unlimited lives?

Blossom Blast Saga provides welcome break from daily lives by simply being a fun little puzzle that that you can play right on your mobile phones. You will first look at the cutesy looking graphics which will surely attract the young audience. However, once you jump into the game and start playing it, its complex game mechanics that is simple to pick up and master are a delight to play with.

The premise of the game is simple. Clear the field of flowerbeds of weeds and pests by blossoming beautiful flowers and linking them to create a chain reaction. One of the most satisfying moment of playing Blossom Blast Saga is what is called the Meta Blooms. This is all about the waiting game, as you will need to allow your buds to mature into what’s called The Mega Blooms that will unleash a violent chain reaction that can easily clear the entire level when let loose.

Besides the weeds, another obstacle in this puzzle game is dealing with pots. They are useful when the buds are just forming and about to blossom by protecting your flowers from elements. However, to make the flower really grow bigger and reach full maturity, it is important to remove the pots so the roots can fully spread and grow.

With over 160 levels to play, the game also has different game modes that you can play to keep things spicy when one mode gets boring.

Here are the full list of the modes available at your fingertips when playing Blossom Blast Sga:

  • Scoring Mode: It’s all about achieving the highest score you possibly can. Compare yourself to other greats in this showdown of high scoring leaderboards.
  • Big Bud Mode: A fun side show that has one objective. You need to keep what’s called Big Buds from getting out of control and explode them as soon as you can. This is a challenging mode as you are always struggling to keep them in control!
  • Remove all the weeds: As if you weren’t sick of them in the regular mode..grrr. This mode puts your skill of clearing weeds to the test as you will be bombarded with ever growing weeds that plagues your flowerbeds.

Did you know that there is now a booster that can help you get out of stick spots fast? The shovel is an awesome tool that lets you remove weeds and other obstacles instantly. This much coveted Blossom Blast cheating tool for Gold bar hacks is something that requires right timing and precision to master and maximize its effects. Try to save them when you really need to get rid of that plot of weed or a glass that may be obstructing you from achieving the epic Blossoms that will help you advance to the next level.

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