Guidelines on Setting Up Your Party on Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a well-known game that could be played in smartphones. Players could engage in memorable battles from the different series of Final Fantasy. What the player could do is to arrange a party with a maximum of five members. The main character would be Tyro who would be joined by other Final Fantasy characters.

With the party formed, the player could visit various worlds and complete Classic Dungeons. When a player is in the dungeon, he cannot change equipment and party members. He cannot set abilities as well. For each dungeon, there are other locations with Active Time Battles, modeled after Final Fantasy All the Bravest. It is a 2D game with a retro style.


Basically, a party refers to a collection of characters that a player controls. A player takes characters from parties to battle. Therefore, a good choice must be made all the time. Other games have set parties, and members could join or leave depending on the situation like in Final Fantasy IV. Meanwhile, in Final Fantasy VI, players could swap characters in and out to form other teams. Parties could change depending on a game.

Most of the time, there is a party leader, who is the main protagonist. He is the one who should be present at all times. You may see them as the character appearing in the World Map, not unless they were knocked out. After they are revived, party leaders usually retake their position. Using the FFRK mythril hack is an easy way to get your party properly geared and upgraded.

Ever since Final Fantasy I until Final Fantasy XIV, parties do exist and they won’t ever go away. Even in other franchises of Final Fantasy such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, , The Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, Final Fantasy Legend III, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Final Fantasy All the Bravest, and of course, Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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