In Animal Jam, No One is Homeless

Yes, you heard that right. In the world of Animal Jam, there is no such thing as homelessness. This is because every player in Animal Jam gets their own home, more specifically, The Den. It is a place of your own, and even non-members of the game can get access to one. With it, you can store items, invite friends over, hold fashion shows and do all kinds of other things you can think of.

For free members of Animal Jam, two choices are given: Small House and Sunken Ship. Small is precisely what it sounds like, a humble abode that you can call your home and it only costs 2,000 gems to make it yours. It’s a standard Den that you can decorate and make it all yours, without having to fear of being homeless. Sunken Ship Den is the second home available to all Animal Jam players. And it is as cool as it sounds. You literally get to inhabit a sunken ship in the bottom of the ocean as your dwelling. The ship looks a bit damaged but it is fully functional and can be decorated as well.

To access other cool Dens, unfortunately, you need to have a paying membership to avail yourself with other homes. Let’s see what cool dens you can get by having Animal Jam membership. Check aimschool for Animal Jam cheats for gems, diamonds and membership code cheats. For reasons with consistency, we have decided to exclude the dens that are seasonal only.

  1. Volcano Den: Costs 3,000 gems and one of the cheapest homes you can afford in Animal Jam. The downside to this den is the limited space available, but otherwise, it’s a cool place to sleep!
  2. Treehouse Den: Who doesn’t want to live in a tree house? Only the grouchiest of the people will scoff at this cool den, and for 4,000 gems, it can be yours.
  3. Ol’ Barn: Good ol’ barn that would make old McDonald proud! There are essentially two levels to this house, giving you ample space to decorate the den to your heart’s desire. At the price of 5,000, it’s on the pricier side but all the space you get is worthwhile.
  4. Fantasy Castle Den: 3,500 gems will get you this fantasy inspired castle of your own. It’s a steal at this price and you get an awesome view of the mountains and rivers in the background.
  5. Restaurant Den: It will set you back 4,000 gems and a perfect den to host dinner parties with other Jammers.
  6. Castle Den: For 6,000, you can have an actual castle of your own. What amounts to 4 stories high behemoth of a building, this medieval-theme castle is one of the top dens Animal Jam players go for.
  7. Lost Ruin Den: For cool and low price of 3,500 gems, you can inhabit what looks like a ruin from Atlantis.

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